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Why did I choose Osteopathy as a profession?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I started my career as a physiotherapist in India. With time my passion for health, yoga and meditation grew and i started looking for a more holistic drug free approach, which would treat the body as a whole and not just symptom oriented. Being a physiotherapist i felt a lot of limitation towards exploring the whole body, i wanted to treat beyond the Musculo-skeletal symptoms, understand the root cause for the body's suffering and integrate the whole knowledge of body's functioning and bring it in my practice.

This was the moment in my life, i got introduced to Osteopathy and enrolled myself for Masters Degree (M.Sc) in Osteopathy from Sri Sri University, India. 

I learned how osteopathy works in sync with the law of nature considering the union of the body, mind and soul as a whole.

Since 2015, i have been practicing osteopathy and i specialize in musculoskeletal cases, cranio-sacral therapy, child care, women-hormone related complaints, pregnancy care, cancer patients, sports injuries.

I have also given private consultations to famous personalities in India including Bollywood actors/actresses, directors, producers & ministry officials.


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