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Do you feel Anemic? | Osteopathy Health Care

Anemia is a condition of the blood in which there is a deficiency in its quantity or quality; in most cases the number of red blood corpuscles is diminished. This means that there are not enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to your organs. Sounds serious? Let's take a look at how you can identify this condition.

Do you feel Anemic? Here are a few common symptoms mainly circling around fatigue. Do you feel cold, tired or weak? These symptoms are not circumstantial. They can only be compared with how you felt before compared to how you feel now. Does your skin seem paler than usual? Pale skin shows signs that not enough oxygen is reaching your organs. Experiencing frequent headaches and fast heartbeat? These signs and symptoms occur with all the types of anemia.

Before we look at the causes of this condition, let's look at why are my red blood cell levels low?

  1. Your body makes hemoglobin but it can’t be used effectively

  2. Your body isn't able to make enough hemoglobin

  3. Your body breaks down red blood cells too quickly

Osteopathy aims to focus on the underlying cause in order to cure a condition. In this case, we have identified some predisposing causes

  1. Pregnancy / Excessive nursing

  2. Menopause

  3. Heredity

  4. Food deficiency

  5. Overwork / Mental worry

  6. Chronic intestinal catarrh

  7. Cancer

Research shows that more than 2 billion people suffer from this condition globally. Females and people suffering from chronic diseases are most subject to it. Women lose blood on a monthly basis, childbirth and menopause trigger some symptoms.

  1. Thoroughly vibrate the abdomen, liver, spleen and kidneys

  2. Align the spine, particularly the eighth and ninth dorsal vertebrae. Traction to the neck

  3. Raise the clavicles and ribs

  4. Stimulate the vasomotor centers

We advise patients to undertake plenty of outdoor exercise, cold baths and deep inhalations. Their diet should consist of easily digestible and nourishing foods, high in Iron. You can take plenty of milk between meals and avoid pickles, vinegar, gravies and rich, spicy foods.

If you suspect you might be Anemic, come in for an Initial Consultation. Contact us now.


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