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Alternative treatment for Epilepsy | Osteopathy Health Care

Epilepsy is a disease of the nervous system characterised by sudden loss of consciousness, periods of unusual behaviour and often accompanied by convulsions or seizures. This condition can be developed by anyone, regardless of race, gender or age but there are certain causes. Read on to find out.


Nervous heredity seems to play an important part in this disease. The abuse of alcohol by parents seems to have a decided effect on their offspring. The majority of cases occur in early life, generally before the age of twenty. The exciting causes are: Injuries to the head, over indulgence in alcohol, shock, acute infectious disease and autointoxication from putrefaction in the bowels. Many factors and complications surround this condition. Osteopathy believes in the treatment by identifying the root cause.

  1. Give thorough manipulation to the neck so as to relax the muscles in this region

  2. Thoroughly relax the muscles of the spine and give a general treatment to the spine itself

  3. If the sphincter is contracted, relax same by dilatation

  4. Give a general treatment to improve the general circulation

  5. Correct the reflexes

  6. Apply pressure at the base of the skull, the sub-occipital fossae and to the solar plexus

  7. Thoroughly manipulate the abdomen

  8. Raise the clavicles and depress the first rib

  9. Treat the cervical sympathetic nerves

Whether you're looking for answers for yourself or someone you love, we're here to help and provide the the best possible alternative therapy possible.

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