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 Corporate Wellness Partner


In an effort to keep employees happy, healthy and productive, many companies now offer corporate wellness programs as a benefit to their employees. 

Osteopathy Health Care benefits to Employees of Participating Companies


There are many different ways we partner with companies to help their employees. Benefits may include:

  • One FREE trial for all employees onsite.

  • FREE phone consultation for employees.

  • A waived $50 joining fee on initial consultation

  • A special treatment package designed for employee and employees family.

  • Bi-monthly on-site consultation and treatment. (Arranged based on collaborations)

  • Webinar on healthy lifestyle and mindfulness workshops for employees 

How a corporate wellness partnerships with Osteopathy Health Care helps Companies


Invest in the future of your company by investing  in your employees. Partner with Osteopathy Health Care and get customised corporate wellness packages to meet the company's needs.

The corporate packages give you and your family benefits to improve your health and wellbeing.

Not only is a wellness program an excellent benefit for current employees, it's also a great incentive for new and prospective hires. 

We welcome all company sizes to register. If you have further queries, drop us an email at and we’d be happy to assist. We believe in customising a package that will suit you and your employees.

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