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Packages & Insurances

At Osteopathy Health Care, we offer specially designed osteopathy packages to provide cost-effective solutions with added value. These packages are tailored to address specific ailments and conditions. Many of our clients have successfully claimed their osteopathy sessions through their insurance coverage. Insurance companies often provide cover for osteopathic treatment, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation.

It's important to note that some insurance providers may require a referral letter from a medical doctor. We recommend contacting your insurance company to verify the specifics of your coverage and any requirements they may have.

Choose your osteopathy plan

  • Acute Healthcare

    Entitle for 3 Osteopathy Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
  • Best Seller

    Chronic Healthcare

    Entitle for 5 Osteopathy Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
  • Wellness Healthcare

    Entitle for 10 Osteopathy Sessions
    Valid for 12 months
  • Family Healthcare

    Entitle for 25 Osteopathy Sessions
    Valid for one year
  • Home Consultation

    Consultation and Treatment at Patients Home
    Valid for one month
  • Home Healthcare

    Entitle for 5 Osteopathy Sessions
    Valid for 6 months

We understand that dealing with insurance paperwork can be cumbersome, but rest assured, we do not charge for the completion of insurance forms. Our aim is to make the insurance claiming process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for our clients.

If you have any further inquiries or require additional information on how to claim your insurance, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is here to assist you and provide the necessary guidance.

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