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What Is Osteopathy – Treat Your BackMuscles and Visceral Organs

Do you ever wonder why some health issues keep coming back despite being treated several times in the past? If you do, you are not alone. Every year, a vast majority of people are troubled by such recurring health issues. They seek all available medical help, but often to no improvement and a lot of disappointment.

A logical explanation for this problem could be that we are not looking at the right place. That the problem lies deeper and we are treating only what's on the surface. But how can we find the root cause, if all our efforts in the past have mostly failed? It’s simple – by adopting a different perspective towards our health issues.

In recent times, alternative medicine has seen growing interest across the globe. Problems with any visceral organ, muscles of the back or hip strains have led people to Osteopathy and private Physiotherapy. With this renowned interest, we need to understand these treatments and therapy techniques in detail.

1. What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is fairly simple. It is a form of alternative medicine that provides holistic care. It is drug-free, non-invasive, and approaches the body as a whole instead of treating just the symptoms.

The primary goal of Osteopathy is to find the root cause(s) of dysfunction. An Osteopath restores your body to its normal, healthier state, and then the body heals itself.

Osteopathy has been a major contributor to healthcare in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Now, it is being widely adopted in Europe and South-East Asia, as well. This growing trust in Osteopathy tells us that people are taking their health seriously now more than ever.

2. Drug-Free

When we say 'drug-free', we mean that no pharmaceuticals and external chemicals are introduced into the body. While modern medicine relies heavily on them, Osteopathy is completely drug-free. An Osteopath physically manipulates your body and brings it back into alignment.

For instance, the Vagus nerve runs from our brain and connects every visceral organ. A problem with the Vagus nerve can lead to several other problems such as back muscles, breathing trouble, digestive issues, kidney and liver problems, etc. Treating the Vagus nerve with Osteopathy can thus treat all these problems.

3. Non-Invasive

Non-invasive here refers to not using surgical and other medical instruments for treatment. Besides being drug and chemical-free, Osteopathy is also completely non-invasive. It corrects body alignment, improves organ functions, and revitalizes bones and muscles.

Osteopathy focuses on the musculoskeletal structure and improves the visceral (organs) and craniosacral mechanism. Once these improve, almost all other health issues begin disappearing one by one, systematically, nervous system, digestive system, and so many other bodily functions become healthier because of it.

4. Holistic Care

An Osteopath knows that the root cause of several health problems usually lies within. They listen carefully to the patient's problems, understand the bigger picture and figure out the root cause. Once it is achieved, it is fairly easy for an Osteopath to treat chronic illnesses and prolonged, recurring health issues.

Osteopathy is simple. It sees the body as a whole, instead of looking at its parts. It understands that every muscle, bone, tissue, and organ is connected. Osteopathy doesn't just treat you. It heals your mind, body, and soul, and makes you healthier.

For such a holistic approach towards its patients, Osteopathy has earned several accolades in recent times. The testimonies of individuals who have benefitted from problems of back muscles speak volumes about Osteopathy.

Some say it is probably the best treatment for them. Some believe it's the magic of genuine care and the human touch, while some others cannot stop suggesting it to their loved ones. We hear it all and it makes us happy and proud. Osteopathy Health Care Singapore is dedicated to treating such individuals with prolonged illnesses.

We think Osteopathy is for everyone and nobody should stay deprived of it. The growing popularity of Osteopathy and other forms of alternative medicine has been a boon for many. A lot of people all over the world have benefitted from it and it's a delight to see this growing towards a brighter and healthier future.

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