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 Refer a Friend

How to book a FREE Osteo Treatment!


We’re thrilled to share a new referral program. Here’s how it works. 


Step 1 : Talk to a friend about your experience with our osteopathy treatment

Step 2 : Get them to book their first consultation via the booking page 

Step 3: Fill up the form below with details of you and the friend you referred and completed their first appointment. (Need two successful referrals)

Referral form

Feel free to refer your loved ones for holistic osteopathy treatment!

Your Contact Details
Referred Person 1 Details
Referred Person 2 Details

Terms and conditions

– The new patient must be a new patient to the clinic (i.e. someone who has never been treated at the clinic before).

– Free osteopathy received by the referrer is valid for one month from the date of successful referral.

– A Referral will be counted as successful where a) the Referrer is an existing patient of Osteopathy Health Care, b) the Referred individual is NOT already an existing patient at the Clinic and c) the Referred Person books, attends and pays for their appointment.

– There is no limit to the number of Referrals you can make.

- Free Osteopathy is only valid for initial or subsequent consultation. Not valid on home consultation. 

– The Company Director’s decision in regard to any aspect of this promotion will be final.

– This promotion can be cancelled at any time and without notice.

– The Company reserves the right to refuse to apply or honour account credit/free session where it deems necessary.

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