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Osteopathy for Expecting Mums! | Osteopathy Health Care

In this week's blog, we're focusing on pregnancy care. Gestation is referred to as the duration when a women is pregnant. During this period, a woman goes through so much. To avoid or to minimize the inherent disturbances during pregnancy, it is recommended to treat pregnant women during all the different phases of gestation.

It is said that the side-bending / lower fixation of the uterus often suffers the most damage or lesions. The right sidebending tends to compress the inferior vena cava; a large vein that carries blood from the legs, feet, and organs in the abdomen and pelvis to the heart. This compression often leads to swollen legs, varicose veins, cardiac palpitations, and to all vascular troubles that seem to aggravate by lying down.

The right torsion of the uterus leads to lower back pain or sciatica. Torsion of the uterus refers to rotations around the longitudinal axis of the uterus. This is most often seen in pregnant women. The lowered position of the uterus leads to uterine contractions and also to the risk of miscarriages or premature labor.

Besides the uterus, we must also target other areas:

  1. The dermis of the abdomen to prevent stretch marks

  2. Align the pubis pelvis and the sacrum

  3. The vascular system of the lower extremities to decrease circulatory problems

  4. The thoracic diaphragm and the stomach to prevent acid reflux

If you're pregnant and feeling discomfort, know that we are here to help. Visit our website to find out more!

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