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Welcome to Osteopathy Health Care

A holistic care towards treating your body, mind and soul

Meet Dr Shruti Seth

Osteopath & Craniosacral Therapist

Shruti started her career as a physiotherapist.
With time her passion for health, yoga and meditation grew and she started to look for a holistic approach which would treat the body as a whole and not just symptomatically. 

This was the moment in her life, she got introduced to Osteopathy and enrolled herself for Masters Degree (M.Sc) in Osteopathy from Sri Sri University, India. 

She learned how osteopathy works in sync with the law of nature considering the union of the body, mind and soul as a whole.

Since 2015, she has been practicing osteopathy and specializes in musculoskeletal cases, craniosacral therapy, child care, women-hormone related complaints, pregnancy care, cancer patients. 

She has also given private consultations to famous personalities in India including bollywood actors/actresses, directors, producers & ministry officials.


The Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Holistic Care.

Begin Your Journey Today.

"I'm now in my third trimester and have started experiencing low back pain, hip pain, muscle pull and belly tightening.

Dr Shruti handled everything with care and gave me some additional tips for stretching. I felt so much better after the session! The next day all soreness was gone, which was a huge relief.

I highly recommend her service. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and I am happy to have found a professional whom I trust throughout my pregnancy.

Daniëlle van der Leest.jpg

Daniëlle van der Leest

 Personal Trainer & Founder, Active Women

I was recommended by my friend to consult Shruti Seth regarding my back problem. I am having AS and was having lot of stiffness in my back. I am glad that I took a package of 10 classes from Shruti. I started feeling difference immediately from my 1st class. The combination of different therapeutic approach was great and was holistic... covering head to toe. Now, have been to the clinic more than 10 times and the results are pretty impressive. At the end of each session, she provided meditations and important tips on postures, which certainly helped on my chest expansion and spine flexibility. Earlier I was not able to touch the floor without bending my knees and after few sessions only I could effortlessly do so. Shruti would explain clearly what one needs to know and what to do to get better. I would highly recommend her as those therapies did wonders to my mind and body.

abhishek sharma.jpg

Abhishek Sharma

Data Scientist,


I was diagnosed with 3rd stage Ovarian Cancer in March 2019 due to which day by day my health deteriorated and was bed ridden since then. I was not able to move at all, was feeling nauseatic all the time,  with constant headache and leg pain. I was not able to sleep properly. After taking a couple of osteopathy sessions, my health improved, started eating food, my leg pain decreased and was able to walk with little support. My tumor size has also reduced without any chemotherapy. she gave me a lot of strength and emotional support throughout. 

Bharati Talati,

Cancer Survivor

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