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What is causing your headaches? | Osteopathy Health Care

Well if you're human, we're confident you have had headaches before. In other words, headache is said to be the most common condition anyone could have. Did you know that there are several different types of headaches though? And several different causes too. In this week's article, we explore the causes, symptoms and how Osteopathy treatments can help you overcome your headache in a holistic manner without having to pop a panadol!

In Osteopathy, it is said that when one suffers pain in the head the root cause of the pain/ trouble is usually elsewhere in the body. Sometimes this pain can be difficult to explain. It can range from mild to throbbing to constant to only in a specific part of the face or skull.

Here is everything you need to know about a headache.


  1. Toxins released from eye strain (eye muscles fatigue)

  2. Pelvic troubles, (toxins from nerve irritation / muscle contraction/ bone abnormality)

  3. Alimentary canal disorders

  4. Acute infections (toxins produced)

  5. Irritation to nerves in head area, such as, cervical and dorsal lesions (toxins in bloodstream)

  6. Malnutrition


  1. Pain may be general or localized

  2. The muscles of head and neck are contracted

  3. The superficial nerves are swollen and can be palpated

Osteopathy Treatment:

  1. Gentle but firm muscular treatment is essential. relax all occipital and facial muscles

  2. Correct cervical/ Neck and dorsal / Thoracic lesions

  3. Manipulate facial and skull bones

  4. Apply heat to extremities, back of neck and between shoulders

In a world where drug-free treatments are being embraced, take this opportunity to find a cure for your headache. During your treatment and consultation, Dr Shruti will not only diagnose the root cause, but also treat it and share tips for future situations where you experience a headache. Contact us now!


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