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Anxiety/Depression, Head Concussion / Trauma

Everyone of us has been stressed out/ sad at some point of life. Some us overcome the situation/ accept the changed in life with time but few are not able to do it. They feel agitated, loss of interest in activities or themselves, lack energy to perform any activity or excessively feel guilty/ unworthy about oneself. A lot of changes take place in the biochemical aspect of the body, the flow of nutrients is hampered in the brain, spine and thus the feeling of low energy. An osteopath helps in increasing the vitality of the body by gentle manipulating the brain and the structures around, increasing the CSF flow and enhancing the flow of blood and the venous return.

Concussion is a brain injury caused by trauma/impact to the head or rest of the body which can lead to improper flow of fluids within the brain and the spine, impact the brain structure and functioning by causing loss of consciousness and balance, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of memory, visual disturbances, breathing difficulties.


An osteopaths aim to restore the normal functioning and the structure of the head, face, neck, the entire spine, pelvis, organs within and harmonises the whole body to its maximum health.


Transforming Lives:​
Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!"


Yuka Suzuki

I saw Dr Shruti from Osteopathy Health Care during the launch party at Core Collective i12. I was suffering from tightness in my neck from a whiplash injury and it has since had massive improvement. Dr Shruti truly has hands like magic. She knows exactly where and how to treat on the body to make things better.

I'd recommend her 100% to my friends and I know for a fact that i'll be coming back to her when I need her in the future.

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