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The Eye to Liver Talk

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

In the current situation of Covid-19, most of us are working from home and are glued to the screen for more than 4-5 hours/ day which creates a tremendous strain to the eyes and its muscles leading to headache, blurred/ reduced vision and watery eyes.

Today, we will be working on our eyes and its relation with the liver.

The eyes are the most important and highly developed sensory organ. In fact a far larger part of the brain is dedicated to vision than to hearing, taste, touch or smell. 80 % of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Yes, that’s true but scientifically speaking ; they are to the liver. The liver produces and stores Vit- A and if the functioning of the liver gets impaired, it can lead to dry eye syndrome. It is said that more than 40% of eye disease is related to the liver and that there is a special genetic relationship with respect to embryonic development. Also, the liver meridian starts from the great toe moving upwards to the liver and connects the eyes.

Having known The Eye-liver connection, let’s get started by working on the Eye muscles..

let’s keep our hand interlock behind the head and the thumbs behind the ear on the bony projection. Now, lets move our eyes left to right , up and down, oblique left up and right down and oblique right up and left down followed by clockwise and anti- clockwise rotation 3 times.

After doing this ,we will compress or push the head inwards by the palm of the hand and lift the head up gently and maintain in this position for 5 seconds. After doing this release the pressure and relax. Your will feel very light and relaxing after doing this exercise. You can perform this exercise 3 times everyday.

After working on the eyes, let’s work on the liver. The liver is located just below the diaphragm in the lower rib cage. Place your right hand on the liver with the fingers resting on the lower rib cage and thumb behind and the left hand straight above the head. In this position, breathe in and simultaneously push the liver inside gently and as you breathe out maintain/hold the compression or the pressure. You must have noticed as we push the liver inside we tend to bend on the side of the liver. let’s breathe in and keep compressing inwards and as you breathe out hold the pressure. Now in the 3rd breath you will suddenly release your hand from the liver for it to come back to its normal position. perform this exercise only 2 times/ week. Do not overdue it.

It is also advisable to sleep before 11 pm. Do you know why?? because organs have their own clock in our body. Each and every organ runs efficiently according to its cycle. As gall bladder is very closely related to the liver, it works from 11 pm-1 am and the liver works more efficiently from 1-3 am. So, if we give proper rest to the body during this time the liver can work better to detox and repair our body, to build blood cells and to provide deep sleep.

I hope you will take care good care of your eyes and the liver and give good rest to the body. I hope you liked this video and will follow the art of living page to learn more about how to improve health, immunity and of course the happiness.

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