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Fight against the fear of any type of viruses/outbreaks.

What is fear?

An intense feeling in the body where your body is trembling, breath is shaky, tendency of holding things back, feeling of contraction, feeling of non-belongingness, sense of void. An intense sensation deep inside your chest, throat or navel area.

When does this develop?

Very young kids don’t have fear but as we grow older, we develop fear and if the fear intensifies, we can’t even sleep, leading to insomnia. Trying to get rid of the situation does not eliminate the fear, only things that can eliminate fear is "Awareness". If we don’t transform it through awareness, it can ferment in the system and will hamper our growth in life.

How to increase your state of awareness?

The Breath-work / Breathing techniques helps in reducing the fear, increases the state of awareness.

Without breath, where is life? it is not just important; it is inevitable. Breath flushes out 90% toxins and accumulated stress, fear, anger and various other emotions. It harmonizes the body and the mind. People usually say to take deep breath when u feel low.

Every state of our emotional being corresponds to the rhythm of our breath. When we are upset, our breathing becomes shallow and while we are happy, we automatically breathe deep. So say it fear or any other emotion can be eliminated by the taking deep long breaths/ pranayama.

What are the other ways to keep yourself healthy?

On an average, human being consist of 60-70% of water. So, keeping yourself hydrated helps in keeping our gut healthy. So, along with breathing exercise, keeping yourself well hydrated and eating healthy stuff is of utmost important.

Osteopathy treatments also helps in increasing the vitality and boosting the immune system in your body, from calming your nervous system to eliminating the stress and optimising the balance between your body and the mind.

As it is said: “A strong mind can carry a weak body; but a weak mind cannot even carry a strong body”.

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