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Diabetes Myth Busters | Osteopathy Health Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In today’s world, diabetes is a common health condition. We all know someone who has diabetes or you yourself might have this condition. In short, diabetes is a long-term condition that affects the way the body turns food into energy.

Our body breaks down the food we eat into glucose. This is then released into our blood. It is said that eating sugar or sweets increases the glucose levels in the blood and even though that is true, it is not the cause for insulin resistance. As blood sugar levels in our body increase, our pancreas release insulin. Insulin is a hormone that promotes the absorption of glucose from the blood into the cells.

Ignoring all the myths that surround this health condition, let’s look at some hard facts!

  • The intestine controls our hormones

It not only controls insulin coming out of the pancreas but also the body's response to the insulin in order to regulate the blood sugar level

  • The liver stimulates release of glucose and the pancreas secretes insulin

The intestine is supplied by the nerves coming from the thoracic region T9-11 which also supplies the liver and pancreas

  • Alignment of the vertebrae

If any vertebrae is misaligned, it will disrupt the nerve supply and solar plexus and this in turn will hamper the functioning of the kidney

  • Disturbance in the kidney

This leads to heat, excessive thirst and frequent urination

  • Excess glucose in the body

Excess glucose affects the small and large blood vessels leading to vision problems, nerve damage, heart disease (e.g. stroke), poor blood circulation and kidney disease

Diabetes is a complex health condition. It's time to focus on the root cause rather than to simply manage the blood glucose levels and the consequences of the disease which affects the eyes, pancreas, liver, kidney, arteries and nerves.

Here at Osteopathy Health Care, we believe in restoring your health rather than just managing the disease. These health tips below will help you do just that!

Health tips for diabetics

  1. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates like refined sugar, milk & milk products, and fruits

  2. Consume complex carbohydrates like millets, wholegrains, nuts and vegetables

    1. This will also fulfil body’s requirement for sufficient fibre

  3. Eat fruits in moderation as they have high sugar levels

  4. Exercise and maintain a healthy BMI

    1. Obesity causes an increase in fat leading to inflammation in the body. This further increases insulin resistance

  5. Reduce your stress by practising yoga, breathing exercises and meditation!

There might not be a cure for diabetes, but with significant lifestyle changes and the help of Osteopathy's holistic care, you can push the disease into remission. When in remission, the body does not show any signs of the disease. Contact us now to make this possible for you or your loved one.

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