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Defeat your Sore Throat | Osteopathy Health Care

Sore throat is a fairly common symptom of an infection in the body and a very common health complaint. Especially in today’s Covid-19 pandemic world, if you feel a pain, difficulty in swallowing/ itchy feeling at the back of your throat, the first thing you would suspect is “Did I catch the virus?”.

Let’s take this time to understand why we get sore throats. Everyone is aware of what a sore throat is but do you know the root cause behind it? A sore throat is usually the first indication of a flu. However, it could very well be the first symptom of a more serious condition such as tonsillitis, swollen lymph nodes or even a fever.

Here’s the science behind it. Whenever there is a change in weather, the muscles of the neck contract leading to retracting of the jaw / maxilla. This further compresses the blood flow, venous return and nerve supply from the brain to the heart and vice versa leading to congestion or stagnation of the blood flow. The result is either an infection, inflammation, swollen tonsils, lymph nodes or a fever.

Thus, it is very important to make sure that all the bones of the jaw, neck, chest and ribs are properly articulated and aligned.

Here are some easy ways you can treat that sore throat at home!

  1. Make sure you get enough rest.

  2. Drink lots of fluids.

  3. Gargle with salt water and turmeric.

  4. Inhale steamed herbal vapours (Our osteopath recommends 3-4 times a day).

Despite trying these home remedies, if the sore throat returns repeatedly, consult an osteopath who will make sure there is uninterrupted blood flowing from the brain to the heart and back.

As mentioned above, sore throats may sometimes lead to inflammation in your tonsils or better known as tonsillitis. The swollen tonsils and tender lymph nodes make it extremely difficult and painful to swallow. In extreme conditions, you may have heard of people around you doing a tonsillectomy.

However, it is advisable not to. Here’s why - Your tonsils are the immune system’s first line of defense against viruses and bacteria entering the mouth. They create a filter to help catch germs and help create antibodies. For a person experiencing the pain of tonsillitis frequently, it might seem like an easy solution to remove your tonsils.

Let Osteopathy’s holistic drug-free manual therapy approach ease your pain and fight the root cause.

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