Back Pain And Sciatica

Back pain affects almost all of us at some point of life due to inflamed joints or muscle, repetitive strain to the spine or pelvis/hips, adaptation of bad posture, arthritis/disc injury, muscle spasm, rib pain, shoulder and scapula dysfunction, cervical spondylitis/ trauma (road traffic accident) which can lead to swelling around the nerves and inflammation to certain muscles and ligaments and joints leading to back pain, leg pain(sciatica)/numbness and tingling sensation.

The aim of an osteopath is to relieve you from the pain/ dysfunction and help you get back to normal healthy life style. An osteopath does a proper manual examination of the upper and lower spine, muscle tension/spasm, pelvic area, tail bone, hips, shoulders, neck, scapula to find out the area of spinal dysfunction or compensating factors and treat your whole body to align more efficiently.