Osteopathy Health Care in Singapore provides a variety of services to provide a holistic care to a patient by using gentle and safe manipulation to improve mobility, increase vitality, relieve you from pain/ discomfort and overall health and wellbeing of an individual.

Child Osteopathy

Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Osteopathy for Work Related Injuries

Osteopathy for Sport Injuries

Cranial Osteopathy

Visceral/Organ Manipulation

Osteopathy for Cancer

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Anson Clinic:  Core Collective,

#21-01,  79 Anson Rd, Singapore 079906


Dempsey Clinic: Core Collective,

27A, 30B/C, Loewen Rd, Singapore 248839


Lentor Clinic: 

4, Countryside Link Singapore 789927


Phone: +65 - 8790 9079

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