Headaches and Migraine

Headaches / migraine  are almost experienced by everyone at some point in time.

Headaches can cause from stress, fatigue, pressure or tightness around neck (sub-occipital muscles) can lead to cervicogenic headache, head including temporal region and shoulders from the muscle tension or joint strain from the upper back. It can also start from visual disturbance, sinus irritation, poor sleeping posture accidents/trauma to the head.

Our treatment involves in taking the whole body approach and identifying the areas of tension/ compensation in the jaw, back/spine, neck, pelvis, ankle/ foot, leg length discrepancy.

Osteopath balances these areas of compensation by gentle techniques of manipulation, stretching, releasing the muscle tension and joint strain to reduce pain and improve mobility more efficiently.


Our Customer Testimonials

Timothy Liew

Had tension headaches that kept recurring frequently. The sessions really helped to destress and release tension from my shoulders and neck area. With the exercises suggested, my headaches have lessened in frequency and severity!!

Postdoctoral Researcher at 國立交通大學 National Chiao Tung University

Yogesh Fulpagare

My wife was benefitted a lot from using this treatment. We tried all the ways in medical with expert doctors but her pain diagnosis and the real reason were unknown for almost more than 5 years. After meeting with Dr. Shruti, we could understand the reason and with Osteopathy treatment, she was tremendously relieved from the pain. I highly recommend people to do this simple, without medical treatment for their pain issues.