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Elbow and Wrist pain

Pain in the hands are very common due to the usage of smartphones and computer based environment which can cause impact on the median nerve which controls feeling and movement in your thumb and fingers. If the nerve is compressed, it can be very painful and cramping.


Doing repetitive motion of the thumb or wrist by playing certain instrument/ texting on the mobile phones can damage the tendon and inflamed it. Rheumatoid arthritis can restrict the movements of the wrist and hand joints, swelling around the knuckles. 

Elbow pain is most common due to the repetitive usage of elbow while playing tennis, golf, painting, carpenters  using screwdrivers.etc. Osteopath corrects the dysfunction by treating holistically and diagnosing the root cause of the injury which may arise from the elbow, wrist, shoulder, upper back and neck. osteopaths can treat Bothe acute and chronic dysfunctions in a gentle and effective manner without using any strong manipulations like stretching, muscle energy techniques, strain counter strain methods, myofascial release.


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