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About Osteopathy Health Care

" Holistic care of your mind, body and soul. "

Our Vision

We aspire to create awareness of Osteopathy and bring our holistic care to as many people as possible. Through regular consultations, we strive to help our patients lead a healthy, happy, stress-free and drug-free life. 

Our Values

At Osteopathy health care, we are patient-focused rather than disease-focused. We value our patient’s trust and promise to care and listen to all their problems compassionately and professionally. We treat all our patients with utmost integrity, honesty and dedication to provide consistent and good results.

About Us

Osteopathy Health Care in Singapore provides holistic care towards treating your body, mind and soul.

We provide treatment to patients of all age groups from newborn to elderly. We also provide treatments for acute/chronic illnesses, pregnant women, athletes, cancer patients, immunosuppressant patients, neurological problems, heart conditions, lung/asthma care, body pains, depression and head injury, among others. 

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